eSports : The next big thing. What you need to know to make money with esports.

Did you know there is a new growing industry in the world that's produced more profit than porno, movies, poker, hockey and casinos combined ? It is fully legal and anybody can profit from it.

I am talking about esports if you missed the "next big thing" you better read carefully.

With a viewership bigger than Stanley cup, Wimbledon or Masters and prize funds of over $219 million, E-sports is quickly becoming the Next Big Thing!

Even still, not many are aware of this, but there is serious money flowing through the E-sports industry. The game you love doesn’t have to just be a hobby anymore. With the right tools, anyone can be very successful and profitable betting on eSports.

Big esports facts

Bigger Than Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and Masters Combined!

There is no doubt esports is the rising star in the sports-betting industry. Experts believe that eSports will become the main betting event amongst sports bettors in the next 5 years.

With traditional sports going on hiatus after Coronavirus Cov19 pandemic, eSports has the opportunity to be HUGE!

Research shows that the total amount bet on eSports competitions is expected to hit $24.9 billion this year! That figure could actually soar higher due to the fact that traditional sports were not being played due to coronavirus.

The good news is eSports has the ability to be played solely online and games do not have to be played in an arena in front of crowds. Gamers do not even have to play in the same room with other players and all the games are streamed online.

The question is will traditional sports fans actually tune into, follow, and bet on eSports? Will you join the profit train or remain on the sidelines and miss all the action?

FACT 1 - Esports is the third biggest sport in the world

If you've been living under a rock, you probably don't realize that eSports is no longer some nerdy kids playing DOTA in their grandmother's basement... these are professionally recognized athletes making All-Star level money, playing competitive games professionally.

The three biggest International sporting events are the Olympics, Football World Cup, and... ESPORTS... This may well change with the Covid19 pandemic which puts Esports in even more spotlight and Euro Football and Olympics delayed by a year.

FACT 2 - Esports has more audience than Super Bowl

It’s estimated that last year, we saw a total audience of eSports rise to 454m. In the same year, F1 (which has been going since 1950 and is amongst the biggest mainstream sports in the world) had a total global audience figure of 490m.

And to add a bit more context, the Super Bowl is estimated to have a total viewership of around 160m, with the US Open (held in the same venue as the Fortnite World Cup) coming in at 3m or so for the singles’ finals.

FACT 3 - Serious money is flowing into eSports betting

The rise of eSports looks set to continue, with this year forecast to be its biggest and best year to date mainly because most other traditional sports have been cancelled or delayed by the COVID19 pandemic. Viewers, fans, and revenue are all on the increase... and there are predictions that soon the global audience for eSports could exceed 550m!

There are plenty of reasons for this, not least the increasing number of streaming platforms (Youtube, Twitch, Mixer) and the very tasty prize money available. Why so much money? Well, sponsors find huge spectator engagement with adverts, which makes it highly lucrative. More sponsors means more money. And more money means more competition, which means better quality entertainment. All of which makes the future for eSports look very bright indeed.

The bookmakers are finally starting to catch up and follow the money with more and more online bookies offering major eSports betting markets.

The question is – will you follow the action or be left behind?


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